Gay Superbowl Commercial?

     The men's dating site Mancrunch is up in arms about the fact that CBS is refusing to air their commercial, saying it's not suitable for the Superbowl. ( See the commercial below ).

     I agree with CBS but can explain the reason in a different light. Try this. I'd be willing to bet that CBS wouldn't want to air a tampon commercial or one about a feminine dousch even though there are probably as many if not more people using those products than are gay, who watch the superbowl.

     Those who are against gays that don't want to see this ad, need to take equal hits for being labeled jocks for watching football which is a violent game and in their minds prove their manhood.

     Of course there is the majority who just enjoy football as a game, and would be entertained in one way or another by this ad. What do you think?