Hollywood Marriage Vows Meaningless?

     I don't pretend to know Jesse James or Sandra B., but my sense tells me that Sandra is a dear and I thought Jesse was also. Now I just feel bad for her that their marriage is over because he got bored and had an affair.

     I know you all may want the juicy details but for me, I don't think it's any of our business. I just wish that these people would get themselves together and stop acting like spoiled children. If you don't know or think you can't promise till death do you part, then simply don't promise. How about till something better comes along I'll stay married to you?

     I can even understand a couple who've been married for thirty or so years wanting to get out of their marriage, but what's the average with these stars? OK , we all have a weakness and faults somewhere, but does it always have to hurt someone else?


Jamie Lynn Spears and Other News

     Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of Britney Spears has broken up with her babies daddy and is seeing a businessman ten years older than she is. The age thing isn't that bad, she's 18 and he's 28. It's her having a child and trying to have party time herself that bothers me. Just my two cents.  Photo by Buckner/Getty

     Charlie Sheen has had his car stolen and later had it found crashed and smashed in a ditch. That's rotten luck no matter who you are.  Photo by Gus Ruelas/AP

     Kristen Bell is now engaged to Dax Shepard. I don't know much about Kristen, but as an actor I like Dax, so I hope this works out for them.


Rip Torn and Bank Arrest

     Actor Rip Torn was arrested last Friday after he was found on the floor of a bank he had just broken into. He was found drunk and thought he was in his own home. He was charged appropriately, meaning that he actully wasn't meaning to rob the bank, but merely drunk and tresspassing.

     It's really sad to see a great old actor like him hit the skids like he is. I wish him luck in wanting to recover from his addiction.

Gay Superbowl Commercial?

     The men's dating site Mancrunch is up in arms about the fact that CBS is refusing to air their commercial, saying it's not suitable for the Superbowl. ( See the commercial below ).

     I agree with CBS but can explain the reason in a different light. Try this. I'd be willing to bet that CBS wouldn't want to air a tampon commercial or one about a feminine dousch even though there are probably as many if not more people using those products than are gay, who watch the superbowl.

     Those who are against gays that don't want to see this ad, need to take equal hits for being labeled jocks for watching football which is a violent game and in their minds prove their manhood.

     Of course there is the majority who just enjoy football as a game, and would be entertained in one way or another by this ad. What do you think?


Kudos to John Travolta and Kelly Preston, His Wife

     John and his wife Kelly flew in one of his planes to Haiti along with some members of his church and some supplies, on Monday night.

     I don't know them of course, but I've always liked John and felt proud of him after his comeback in Pulp Fiction. It seems like he and Kelly are very real and good hearted people. Thank you to you both!