Hollywood Marriage Vows Meaningless?

     I don't pretend to know Jesse James or Sandra B., but my sense tells me that Sandra is a dear and I thought Jesse was also. Now I just feel bad for her that their marriage is over because he got bored and had an affair.

     I know you all may want the juicy details but for me, I don't think it's any of our business. I just wish that these people would get themselves together and stop acting like spoiled children. If you don't know or think you can't promise till death do you part, then simply don't promise. How about till something better comes along I'll stay married to you?

     I can even understand a couple who've been married for thirty or so years wanting to get out of their marriage, but what's the average with these stars? OK , we all have a weakness and faults somewhere, but does it always have to hurt someone else?